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Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 4

WP_20151016_16_25_46_ProLots more of little things to do over the long weekend, off on Friday and Monday.  Began the weekend working on all the exterior extrusions from the house, like lights, and power for my septic pump.  Dad finished the Tyvek on Friday, although we are about 20 square feet short sadly.  He also installed the new attic vent, which looks like a rectangle but the part that goes over that is round.  I finished the front and both back lights while he worked on the Tyvek and started putting up the vinyl corners.


Next we fitted a board on the back left of the house to allow the electrical and dish through the house so that we would not have to run it though the siding. The dish cable ran through the corner and into the board mounted on the back in the last picture, didn’t take a photo.

WP_20151019_18_50_26_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_17_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_01_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_55_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_05_Pro

Later in the weekend he finished the corners while I changed his rear brakes.  After that we added the remaining trim to the front, and began the payoff shot, siding!


More backyard cleanup and tree removal

After the fence install I needed to clean up the debris from the sheathing repair and deck removal.  I began with 2 drips to the dump with a full trailer of debris (Thanks for watching Grayson Bunny!).

WP_20150929_13_06_45_ProBefore                                                                                                          After WP_20151003_16_59_27_Pro





Next step was Cutting down the tree that leans against the house and makes a racket in the wind.  One trip to the dump and most of the branches were gone.

WP_20150929_13_07_28_ProBefore                                                                                                          AfterWP_20151003_16_59_53_Pro





Little left to do back here but looking good overall.


Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 2

We began on Saturday with an extra set of hands (Thanks Ted!) and began the morning with a sad deck demo.  I didn’t want to see it go as it was a great place to grill but the side of the house needed repair, and we wanted it done right.


After Deck demo and removing the bulk of the damaged sheathing we pulled out the slider to install it permanently, had installed it last winter but not the correct way.  The previous installation was set on blocks and then some sort of concrete was pushed under it, creating massive crevasse where moisture, air, and critters could gain access to the house.  I chipped all that out while Ted and my dad replaced the rim board where the deck was bolted to the house.


This was where I forgot to wear a hat and ended up burning my head, not a pleasant experience…

Continuing on, I used fast setting concrete and a bonding agent to re-form the edge of the house for a flat place to put the slider on.

Finishing up on Saturday we completed the day by installing the last window and replacing all the damaged sheathing.  At this point it only made sense to replace the back door as it was a serious cause of air penetration.  We placed the stairs under the new door to give us access to the backyard until the deck was replaced.


We began on Sunday by doing some minor cleanup and tweaks.  My dad finished removing the siding on the second story, and I moved the light fixture on the outside of the house up about 4 feet for better lighting.  He discovered a note on the old home wrap, and we cut it down to save it.

WP_20150921_13_42_03_Pro WP_20150921_20_02_55_Pro

The next and final step for the long, sore, tired weekend was the Tyvek house wrap.

WP_20150921_15_36_13_Pro WP_20150921_18_10_55_Pro

WP_20150921_17_53_11_Pro WP_20150921_18_10_34_Pro

Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 1

So the siding must come down and repairs to the sheathing must be made.  The vinyl siding was ordered, delivered, and is waiting in the garage.

New siding!


The beginning of the siding removal.  Here you can see my attempt at fixing the flaking siding and painting it in 30 degree weather, UGLY!

WP_20150913_12_06_50_Pro WP_20150913_12_49_04_Pro WP_20150913_12_07_52_Pro WP_20150913_14_29_20_Pro WP_20150913_14_28_32_Pro

The worst of it was at/behind the chimney.  The first roof failed and allowed a ton of water down the chimney and it ruined the sheathing behind it quite badly.  I suspect the chimney was the reason for replacing the roof in the first place.  Luckily there was no sign of moisture there and the previous hale had been patched.

Our first step was removing the siding from behind the chimney which wasn’t even the hard part. Then we had to remove the sheathing nailed in behind the chimney as it was added on after the house was sided.  Most of the sheathing crumbed off and we were happy to find the wall studs were in good shape with no rot, the sheathing had done it’s job!

WP_20150914_10_17_42_Pro WP_20150914_12_07_55_Pro

We began replacing the sheathing and foamed around the chimney which was a massive heat loss, the foam is visible from inside the house.  We started with the easier lower section and had to fight it into place.WP_20150914_17_02_14_Pro

We removed the damaged section of soffit as well and pre-cut and painted the replacement pieces as I am not a huge fan of painting above my head on a scaffold.  We finished the day late by completing the soffit and replaced all the damaged sheathing.

WP_20150914_19_57_34_Pro WP_20150914_19_57_43_Pro



Window replacement project – Weekend 3

WP_20150829_12_16_00_ProSo the last 2 windows, the kitchen and the laundry room needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately installing the laundry room would have been a waste of time as there was clear damage under the siding and would have to wait until we started that repair.

This was a Randy only project, just had to motivate myself into getting this window in to move along the progress of the house.


The window went in easy, only minor modifications to the rough opening, which really only added to the amount I needed to clean on the inside.

WP_20150829_12_04_26_Pro WP_20150829_12_14_46_Pro

Window replacement project – Weekend 2

So we begin the second round of windows, we started on the back side second story, getting the hardest ones out of the way first.

WP_20150823_15_43_45_Pro WP_20150823_16_48_05_Pro WP_20150823_16_48_09_Pro

We managed to finish the last 3 second story windows and the last double window on the back side of the house, I think cleaning these rooms took us the longest time.  Grayson enjoyed watching us and the phrase “Dada and Papa making noise” was born.

WP_20150823_17_28_12_Pro WP_20150823_17_41_39_Pro WP_20150823_17_42_00_Pro

Window replacement project – Weekend 1

After our trial run it was time to start on the rest of the house, we started with the most difficult windows, the 3 second story double windows.

WP_20150803_10_05_01_Pro WP_20150803_12_44_05_Pro WP_20150803_12_44_14_Pro WP_20150803_13_48_43_Pro

In 1 day we managed to get all 3 front second story windows finished, and the 2 second story windows on the left side of the house, leaving 6 windows on the back of the house to be done, and then planned on doing more 2 weeks from now

Window replacement project – Pre-weekend 1

WP_20150703_063We began with 13 windows (4 of them double windows) to replace all but the bay window.  Late on a Tuesday night we decided to replace 2 windows and see how it would go before we committed a weekend.

The initial install went quite well and only took us an hour or so to do both windows.  We began by cutting the siding back first to limit dust inside then pulled out the window.

The next step was to flash the window opening and slide the windows in securing them to the house by using the nailing flange with some silicon caulk for sealant.  Finally the last step was the exterior flashing, preventing water from penetrating the opening, all in all it went well and we planned on installing as many as we could in a couple weeks.

WP_20150707_21_19_17_Pro WP_20150707_21_19_55_Pro WP_20150707_21_20_23_Pro


Problems with the Jeeputer…

Sometime this winter my “Jeeputer” broke, would not boot, wasn’t getting power basically. First I pulled the computer and test booted it on my bench as all the other accessories were fine, I assumed hardware issue.  The PC tested booted right up with my power supply so the next step was to check the PC leads.  There are 3 leads; 12v power, Ground, and 12v ignition on.  The power supply is smart enough to only trigger boot on 12v ignition. The headers on the motherboard connect to the power supply (DC to DC) and trigger a power button action when 12v ignition is sent.  When 12v ignition is cut it waits 30 seconds and triggers the power button again.  I currently have the  power button set to sleep so it’s a fast resume when I start the Jeep back up.  I have a relay feeding the 12v always on power in case I need to hard reboot or if I don’t want the computer on for whatever reason.

WP_20150606_001 WP_20150606_008

I started by checking the neon power distribution unit I put in to control all of my accessories.  I pulled it out, checked all the connections underneath, and everything looked good.  I put the PDU back and moved on to the switches.  These are LED switches so I know they are getting power, but I moved from 1 spot on the PDU to another (from 1 to 7) to see if there was a break in the switch wire that triggers the relay.  As I moved over to check the power coming from relay 7, I traced the power line to the PC and found the culprit, a bad wrong sized connector…  Lesson learned here, no more connectors and I’ll be checking these connections first next time.

WP_20150606_002 WP_20150606_005 WP_20150606_007

Replacing a Jeep clockspring

Well, for a year now I have had an airbag light on constantly and need to pass inspection this month.  So I bought a new clock spring from amazon and installed it today.  The hardest part was getting the airbag off.  I found this video pretty helpful for assistance. To get the airbag off you need a 90 degree flat head, I just bent an old cheap flat head I had, worked really well.  Was also a good opportunity to clean up the dirty plastic around the steering wheel.

WP_20131224_002 WP_20131224_006 WP_20131224_003