Replacing a Jeep clockspring

Well, for a year now I have had an airbag light on constantly and need to pass inspection this month.  So I bought a new clock spring from amazon and installed it today.  The hardest part was getting the airbag off.  I found this video pretty helpful for assistance. To get the airbag off you need a 90 degree flat head, I just bent an old cheap flat head I had, worked really well.  Was also a good opportunity to clean up the dirty plastic around the steering wheel.

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Decorating/Baby Prep

Productive weekend, Web server running, posts entered, now some baby and holiday decoration done.

So I put up the tree last night and Jess decorated it while I took a pregame nap.


After the patiots game we decided to start working on the baby’s stuff.  I started with adding a makeshift closet for his clothes (as the closet in there is still full of my stuff).  Simply screwed in some brackets, cut the 4′ bar to about 40″ added some black tape so it can’t shift off.  Put our age/size separators on that our friend Brooke made for us and tossed all his new books up there.WP_20131201_001


Webserver is now Live!

Time to start adding some of my projects here not that the web server has gone live, next project will be getting my exchange server to 100% including some UCC certs and reverse DNS entries.

Had an interesting time getting the web server working the way I want it, it’s still ugly for now but I needed to fix my uploading issues.

I followed this guide for configuring/installing, and it’s excellent.  There were some issues I ran into after the intial configuration, mostly an upload issue.  after checking numerous posts with similar “HTTP error” problems I ran into one that suggested to change the php.ini configuration and add an entry to the nginx.conf file.  I found 1 site that had both answers in 1 spot.

I am slowly starting to get used to the commands in linux such as vim and nano (I prefer nano)