New fence!

Very excited our time has finally come to get our fence installed.  We waited more than 2 months to get this done, and all I had to do was a little cleanup in the back yard so that it could be installed.  Here are the results (before the gates were installed).

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Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 2

We began on Saturday with an extra set of hands (Thanks Ted!) and began the morning with a sad deck demo.  I didn’t want to see it go as it was a great place to grill but the side of the house needed repair, and we wanted it done right.


After Deck demo and removing the bulk of the damaged sheathing we pulled out the slider to install it permanently, had installed it last winter but not the correct way.  The previous installation was set on blocks and then some sort of concrete was pushed under it, creating massive crevasse where moisture, air, and critters could gain access to the house.  I chipped all that out while Ted and my dad replaced the rim board where the deck was bolted to the house.


This was where I forgot to wear a hat and ended up burning my head, not a pleasant experience…

Continuing on, I used fast setting concrete and a bonding agent to re-form the edge of the house for a flat place to put the slider on.

Finishing up on Saturday we completed the day by installing the last window and replacing all the damaged sheathing.  At this point it only made sense to replace the back door as it was a serious cause of air penetration.  We placed the stairs under the new door to give us access to the backyard until the deck was replaced.


We began on Sunday by doing some minor cleanup and tweaks.  My dad finished removing the siding on the second story, and I moved the light fixture on the outside of the house up about 4 feet for better lighting.  He discovered a note on the old home wrap, and we cut it down to save it.

WP_20150921_13_42_03_Pro WP_20150921_20_02_55_Pro

The next and final step for the long, sore, tired weekend was the Tyvek house wrap.

WP_20150921_15_36_13_Pro WP_20150921_18_10_55_Pro

WP_20150921_17_53_11_Pro WP_20150921_18_10_34_Pro

Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 1

So the siding must come down and repairs to the sheathing must be made.  The vinyl siding was ordered, delivered, and is waiting in the garage.

New siding!


The beginning of the siding removal.  Here you can see my attempt at fixing the flaking siding and painting it in 30 degree weather, UGLY!

WP_20150913_12_06_50_Pro WP_20150913_12_49_04_Pro WP_20150913_12_07_52_Pro WP_20150913_14_29_20_Pro WP_20150913_14_28_32_Pro

The worst of it was at/behind the chimney.  The first roof failed and allowed a ton of water down the chimney and it ruined the sheathing behind it quite badly.  I suspect the chimney was the reason for replacing the roof in the first place.  Luckily there was no sign of moisture there and the previous hale had been patched.

Our first step was removing the siding from behind the chimney which wasn’t even the hard part. Then we had to remove the sheathing nailed in behind the chimney as it was added on after the house was sided.  Most of the sheathing crumbed off and we were happy to find the wall studs were in good shape with no rot, the sheathing had done it’s job!

WP_20150914_10_17_42_Pro WP_20150914_12_07_55_Pro

We began replacing the sheathing and foamed around the chimney which was a massive heat loss, the foam is visible from inside the house.  We started with the easier lower section and had to fight it into place.WP_20150914_17_02_14_Pro

We removed the damaged section of soffit as well and pre-cut and painted the replacement pieces as I am not a huge fan of painting above my head on a scaffold.  We finished the day late by completing the soffit and replaced all the damaged sheathing.

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