Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 4

WP_20151016_16_25_46_ProLots more of little things to do over the long weekend, off on Friday and Monday.  Began the weekend working on all the exterior extrusions from the house, like lights, and power for my septic pump.  Dad finished the Tyvek on Friday, although we are about 20 square feet short sadly.  He also installed the new attic vent, which looks like a rectangle but the part that goes over that is round.  I finished the front and both back lights while he worked on the Tyvek and started putting up the vinyl corners.


Next we fitted a board on the back left of the house to allow the electrical and dish through the house so that we would not have to run it though the siding. The dish cable ran through the corner and into the board mounted on the back in the last picture, didn’t take a photo.

WP_20151019_18_50_26_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_17_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_01_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_55_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_05_Pro

Later in the weekend he finished the corners while I changed his rear brakes.  After that we added the remaining trim to the front, and began the payoff shot, siding!


Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 3

So we had 1 more project on the exterior that we had the materials for just not the time, we overbuilt the chimney surround, sheathed it and then wrapped it to the house.  Unfortunately the camera app on my beta Windows 10 phone didn’t feel like saving the pictures I took, except for the last one.  You can trust me, it’s overbuilt, sturdy, and air/critter proof!


Drainage in the front yard

So a major issue, especially in the winter is draingae int he front.  The water rushes down towards the front porch and ends up washing dirt over it and looks terrible.  Worse than that the water pools in the winter causing a sheet of ice buildup making it dangerous to get in and out of the house.

I began by digging some trenches and hauling it to the backyard.  I also discovered the wire running to our lamp post, luckily not by cutting it.  I reburied it along the foundation, deeper than where it was and now have photos of its location.


I bought 2, 1/2 yards of 3/4 crushed blue rock, which put my trailer at its limit for sure.


Filling the trenches, I don’t love the way it looks but it’s certainly better than pools of water.

WP_20151008_19_43_56_Pro WP_20151008_19_43_47_Pro

We even had a good amount of rain since and have no drainage problems now, just need a little more rock to finish the job.

More backyard cleanup and tree removal

After the fence install I needed to clean up the debris from the sheathing repair and deck removal.  I began with 2 drips to the dump with a full trailer of debris (Thanks for watching Grayson Bunny!).

WP_20150929_13_06_45_ProBefore                                                                                                          After WP_20151003_16_59_27_Pro





Next step was Cutting down the tree that leans against the house and makes a racket in the wind.  One trip to the dump and most of the branches were gone.

WP_20150929_13_07_28_ProBefore                                                                                                          AfterWP_20151003_16_59_53_Pro





Little left to do back here but looking good overall.