Garage door problem and solution

So the garage doors looked alright from far but as I started to use them more and more I noticed that both of them were having problems where the steel cable mounted to the bottom.  After months of using the left garage door (the only one with an opener) one day the cable let loose from the bottom and stopped functioning at that point.  I am pretty sure the brackets were more rust than metal.


I spent some time researching prices and and looks, and decided on the doors with the 4 windows.

To get them home I decided to take out my passenger seat as the only Home depot that had them in stock was down in Merrimack.

WP_20150530_004 WP_20150530_003

The first door disassembled in a few hours very slowly and I replaced the rotted boards where the track would mount so that I wouldn’t have to worry about this again for years. To trim the garage doors I used vinyl instead of wood, which costs more to start but will never need replacing.

WP_20150530_005 WP_20150530_006

My overnight blockade.


The next day I continued working and with some help the garage door went up in a few hours, track and all, and was left with a working door, and a mismatched facade!


A few weeks later when I had spare time I finished the second door, but for now re-used the track as it was customized for my garage due to width issues.


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