Window replacement project – Pre-weekend 1

WP_20150703_063We began with 13 windows (4 of them double windows) to replace all but the bay window.  Late on a Tuesday night we decided to replace 2 windows and see how it would go before we committed a weekend.

The initial install went quite well and only took us an hour or so to do both windows.  We began by cutting the siding back first to limit dust inside then pulled out the window.

The next step was to flash the window opening and slide the windows in securing them to the house by using the nailing flange with some silicon caulk for sealant.  Finally the last step was the exterior flashing, preventing water from penetrating the opening, all in all it went well and we planned on installing as many as we could in a couple weeks.

WP_20150707_21_19_17_Pro WP_20150707_21_19_55_Pro WP_20150707_21_20_23_Pro


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