Drainage in the front yard

So a major issue, especially in the winter is draingae int he front.  The water rushes down towards the front porch and ends up washing dirt over it and looks terrible.  Worse than that the water pools in the winter causing a sheet of ice buildup making it dangerous to get in and out of the house.

I began by digging some trenches and hauling it to the backyard.  I also discovered the wire running to our lamp post, luckily not by cutting it.  I reburied it along the foundation, deeper than where it was and now have photos of its location.


I bought 2, 1/2 yards of 3/4 crushed blue rock, which put my trailer at its limit for sure.


Filling the trenches, I don’t love the way it looks but it’s certainly better than pools of water.

WP_20151008_19_43_56_Pro WP_20151008_19_43_47_Pro

We even had a good amount of rain since and have no drainage problems now, just need a little more rock to finish the job.

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