Siding Project (No more green) – Weekend 4

WP_20151016_16_25_46_ProLots more of little things to do over the long weekend, off on Friday and Monday.  Began the weekend working on all the exterior extrusions from the house, like lights, and power for my septic pump.  Dad finished the Tyvek on Friday, although we are about 20 square feet short sadly.  He also installed the new attic vent, which looks like a rectangle but the part that goes over that is round.  I finished the front and both back lights while he worked on the Tyvek and started putting up the vinyl corners.


Next we fitted a board on the back left of the house to allow the electrical and dish through the house so that we would not have to run it though the siding. The dish cable ran through the corner and into the board mounted on the back in the last picture, didn’t take a photo.

WP_20151019_18_50_26_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_17_Pro WP_20151019_18_50_01_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_55_Pro WP_20151019_18_49_05_Pro

Later in the weekend he finished the corners while I changed his rear brakes.  After that we added the remaining trim to the front, and began the payoff shot, siding!


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