Siding Project (No More Green) – Weekend 6 Finale!

When I got home from work one day I found that my Dad actually finished about 95% of the side, what a great bonus to come home to!

The only thing left to do on this side was the small section to the left of where the power enters the house, it took us all of about 30 minutes to cut and put this up.



The next time we worked together on this was finishing the front and sides of the second floor.  Unfortunately for us there were a ton of angles to these locations.  You wouldn’t think about all those angles just looking at the house but when you are cutting siding it’s a slow process getting the siding cut just right and staying level at the same time.  Learned a lot about how to transfer angles from 1 piece to another as we used the scrap to get it right before installing.  We even managed to get where the second floor lines up with the first floor (around a corner) looking very good and nearly perfect.


The final outcome:

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