Virtual Server Phase 2

After running the VM server for a bit, I wanted to add more to it including an exchange server, webserver, vCenter, and Movie database server.  I started with the Movie database server, I am using an app called Ant Movie Catalog to index all my movies, both in digital and analog format.  The server was up in no time, I have the ant movie catalog done about 1/2 way which is mostly digital copies of my movies (much faster than entering the analog discs).  Because the server is now getting to it’s limits with 4 instances running on it I decided to just add the vCenter install to the MDB server, and skip the appliance.  The Exchange server is loaded and started but needs some more time for configuration as well as reverse DNS entries added to stay off any blacklists.


With all these servers on 1 12TB Raid 6, it was getting a little sluggish.  I ended up buying a Chenbro 5 drive bay that fit’s in 3 5 1/4 bays.  It’s a sas backplane which should allow for a much faster array for OS storage.   I picked up a second Perc 6/i (Re-badged LSI MegaRaid 8408E) card for the server to control the array off ebay for $36.  It turns out 2 controllers are acceptable but the server does not like to boot if both BIOS on the cards are enabled.  So I turned off the bios and had no issue booting. I also picked up some longer Wide SAS to SATA cables (Tripp Lite S502-01M – 3.28ft) to clean up the inside a bit.  The second raid controller has a raid 10 on 15k 73gb sas drives purchased for a great price at a local computer recycler/redistributor.  Here’s a shot of the re-organized cabling with both cards and new SAS external drive bay installed.



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